About Us

Established in the year 2007, Real Choice Real Estate is among the pioneers of real estate brokerage firms in Dubai, delivering a comprehensive market leading real estate products and services to its clientele. With our success built on keeping our valuable clients our top priority, we are committed to deliver the best brokerage service in purchasing, leasing, selling and management of properties in the industry.

With over 10 years of operations, Real Choice Real Estate has served numerous customers both local and international, built strong ties with trusted developers and property management companies in the market, ensuring our clients with a variety of superb properties to choose from and allowing us to help them achieve their commercial or residential goals by seamlessly integrating knowledge and information that are in sync with their challenges. We strive to ensure that each and every transaction with a Real Choice Real Estate Agent is marked by excellence, understanding, unmatched sincerity, and well-informed decision making.

Our finest team of immensely professional, experienced, multilingual and customer-focused real estate specialists cater for the diverse needs of our clients with strategic, tactical and creative solutions. At Real Choice Real Estate, we understand the importance of choosing a home or investing from a client’s perspective and are confident in our expertise to assist customers in making the right decisions in acquiring the property that best fit their needs.


Our Mission

To make Real Choice the preferred real estate brokerage company of our existing and prospective clients by delivering quality products, outstanding services and exceptional client experience by continuously fulfilling our brand promise - At Real Choice you make the Right Choice!


Our Vision

To be the leading brokerage company worldwide that best understands and satisfies the clients real estate needs.


Meet the Real Choice Team

Our Managing Director

Ms. Hind Jouini

Languages: English, Arabic, French

BRN: 3254

+971 50 2522989


Our Client Managers

Rym Taher

Languages: English, Arabic, French

BRN: 5165

+971 50 7949075

Saber Zeroual

Languages: English, French

BRN: 10017

+971 52 9955519

Achraf Jouini

Languages: English, Arabic, French

BRN: 32505

+971 56 4992730

Mohamed Okasha

Languages: English, Arabic, German

BRN: 36835

+971 56 7800015

Esther Gachingiri

Languages: English, Swahili

BRN: 37988

+971 52 5702729

Dmitriy Guzov

Languages: English, Russian

BRN: 39263

+971 52 3994848

Ghaith Nhouchi

Languages: English, Arabic, French

BRN: 39648

+971 50 1539184

Muhammad Faisal

Languages: English, Urdu

BRN: 39344

+971 55 5363858

Muhammad Ali Noonari

Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi

BRN: 42331

+971 52 4088020

Ankur Khanna

Languages: English, Hindi, German

BRN: 42249

+971 58 2640038

Masood Ali Khan

Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi

BRN: 42343

+971 52 7902939

Daisy Baron

Languages: English, Filipino

BRN: 43582

+971 55 7363525

Mahrane Lamouchi

Languages: English, Arabic, French

BRN: 43954

+971 56 9030728

Muhammad Naeem

Languages: English, Urdu

BRN: 33816 

+971 56 8735353

Muhammad Sumair

Languages: English, Urdu

ORN: 1068 

+971 56 9031380

Zahi Merie

Languages: English, Arabic, French

ORN: 1068 

+971 55 5379070

Sharon Simon

Languages: English, Hindi

ORN: 1068 

+971 52 4524929


Shahmir Niazi

Languages: English, Urdu

ORN: 1068 

+971 56 4569654


Our Administrative and Support

Jasmin Elazegui

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Pamela Bermudez

Administrative Assistant

Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Debra Gewan

Marketing Assistant

Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Jennifer Villanueva

Marketing Assistant

Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Tyrene Aban


Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Ruth Dalumpines


Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070

Richelda Balahadia

Client Relations Assistant

Languages: English, Filipino

+971 4 3588070